February Update

Posted on Mon Feb 4th, 2019 @ 2:23pm by Colonel Naomi 'Tempest' Devereaux

Marines! To Attention!

First update of the simm, and of the year. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the hard work over January and since we began late last year. December/January are hard months to find time, or motivation, to post and I again thank you all for your efforts in doing so.

We had one new arrival in the form of Captain Rick 'Joker' Holt played by Rich whom I think most of us know from other places we write and am thankful he has joined us on our slog through the stars. We've had no-one leave which is also quite good for the month of January.

Our mission 'Emergence' is moving along nicely with character development happening in places as we find out what's happened to the Aries and our crew, where/when we are and how to move forward. With a total of 6 posts which I hope to beat in the coming month with at least 4 in the works as we speak. Good work folks.

I will be doing some recruitment this month for more writers to add to our group, hopefully fill some key positions that we need. If anyone knows any writers that have expressed an interest in our type of ship please let them know where we are and are happy to accept those with imagination.

Any ideas for the mission, for future missions or just in general don't be afraid to speak to myself or XO. We are more than happy to incorporate ideas from all to enhance the experience for all.

Safe February Marines!



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