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Major Jakobe "Dagger" Halbren

Name Jakobe "Dagger" Halbren

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Major


Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazed
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4
Weight 190
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color light brown
Physical Description Jakobe is solid built and carries himself with confidence. He is tall and has wide shoulders. He comes across as easy going and smiles a lot.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Amral
Mother Emerbly
Brother(s) Ezras, Eril, Nican
Sister(s) none
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jakobe is one hundred percent devoted to the job. He prides himself in making certain he is always ready for an emergency of any kind, knowing that from peace to red alert can come in mere seconds.

He likes a party as much as the next person but never fully let’s go due to his being the command officer. He feels he needs to reserve a certain part of himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jakobe is dedicated to his job and proud to be a marine. This was what he was meant to be. He works hard, demands excellence out of himself. He is a peacemaker, would prefer not to have conflict but will meet it head on if necessary.

He can be too hard on himself and others at times. Jakobe has little patience for laziness and does not trust easily. He is often considered an introvert because he doesn't talk a lot, it is just that he is a bit shy around new people.
Ambitions Content with where he is but always pleased when promoted.
Hobbies & Interests Jakobe loves board and card games. Can be found in his quarters playing against the computer. He believes in exercising and staying fit

Personal History Jakobe is the youngest of four boys, born on June 14, 2353. He had a good childhood, yet structured. His parents believed in rules and responsibilities to make them acceptable in society. He has always been very close to his brothers and parents. Each year his parents would plan some vacation on their homeworld that was full of fun and adventure. Which was good but closeted him away from the realities of the universe.

Growing up, Jakobe pretty much went along on adventures with his brothers, never really being the one to choose what they did. Once they all left home he found himself at loose ends, finally having to make his own fun and choose his own adventures. He met and became good friends with the son of an Ambassador, David. Jakobe developed a love for many Earth things and developed a yearning to leave his homeworld and see the universe but not really knowing what that would be. Jakobe, being the youngest was more spoiled than the others. Where they had been pushed to excel his parents tended to just let him drift. Watching his friend David working towardsncollege and a future in diplomacy bothered him. Everyone had a plan but him.

Ever since Jakobe could remember he had been entered into an arranged marriage with Daphney Denford, the daughter of some influential friends of his parents. Jakobe and Daphney started spending time getting to know each other during their high school years. Jakobe likes her a lot, felt he could even fall in love with her but he sensed her holding back and her inability to want to share their minds was a red light for him. Still, when his parents informed him that Daphney had run away and gotten married to another man, Jakobe felt betrayed and tended to steer away from romantic attachments. Over the years he has dated but is waiting for the right woman to come along

After he finished school, Jakobe struggled with what to do. His brothers had all left, two were in Starfleet and the third was in the marines. It was after a visit from Eril that Jakobe made the decision and went to the Starfleet Marine Corp. Academy. At first Jakobe felt like a fish out of water. He had no clue what he was getting into. Most of the others who were there had been training for a few years. Jakobe was determined to make it through the program. It was while he was lifting weights, working on his conditioning that he met Brad. They were polar opposites, Brad was confident and well built, a person knew when they met him he believed in what he was doing. But despite their differences they became fast friends. Brad became a mentor for Jakobe and instead of just training and going through the ropes to become a marine, Jakobe began to learn what it meant to be a marine to feel it inside. Up until then he had looked at it as a career. Something to do with his life but now it was a part of his blood. Where he had shown up for training dreading it before he now embraced it. No longer would he sit in training and hope he wasn’t called on, he volunteered most of the time and before long others started to see the changes. Jakobe stood at his graduation thinking that he probably should be proud and all pumped up about his accomplishment. But inside, he was already looking forward to getting into the field and being a part of a team. To gain a brotherhood with others. He also appreciated the support of his family who all managed to show up for his graduation.

Jakobe’s first assignment was to the USS Johansson, a military starship. He had specialized in weapons and security in the marine academy but was assigned grunt work until he earned his way up the ranks, proved his worth. It was a struggle for Jakobe at first, no longer did he have Brad to push him and boost his confidence. It was one thing to train for this but living it was a whole different world. Somehow, in his mind Jakobe had thought he would be out there in the fight on day one. Jakobe remembered something one of his instructors had said about something worth having was worth working for. He decided to make the grunt work his mission. He retrained himself to take each assignment and so it to the best of his ability with no complaint. A marine follows orders. They were a unit and each person was as important as the next.

Slowly. Jakobe started to be called for different assignments. One particular mission got him his nickname as Dagger. His roommate Brad had a fascination with knives that had rubbed off on Jakobe. He had started collecting them and always had one on him. One particular mission, the unit had ended up in a fight when they had boarded an enemy vessel to free some prisoners. Jakobe and his superior had been trapped, the enemy was about to fire at Jakobe’s sargeant when he pulled his dagger and threw it, killing the enemy before he could fire. That action had changed the way he saw himself and others saw him. He had been through many training exercises but this had been the first time he had taken someone else’s life. Jakobe felt the pain deep inside but also felt relief that he was able to defend his own and given the same circumstance he would do the same every time. He was here to defend and protect the Federation.

Jakobe wasn’t one to make many deep friendships but after that incident he reached out to others and formed a bond with his unit. He knew he could count on them and they felt the same. When he found out he was being transferred to the USS Halverdon it was with mixed feelings. He was looking forward to the change, a new adventure but also was leaving behind his brothers on the Johansson. No matter where he went, they would always be able to count on him.

Jakobe took all the things he had learned and worked hard on the Halverdon to do his best and become a part of the brotherhood as well. His unfailing dedication and willingness to volunteer turned heads and when the position became open, he was promoted to assistant Security Chief. Jakobe soon had his sights set on being a department head and moving up through the ranks until one day he would have a ship of his own. He studied for the command tests and was taken under the wing of his chief who saw his potential. Seeing no opportunity for advancement he put in for a transfer.

I wasn’t long before Jakobe was promoted onto the USS Portland as the Security Chief. He embraced the position, working hard to make his team the best they could be and ready for anything that came along. It was while serving on the Portland that Jakobe, along with a security team, held off the enemy until other ships came to their side. Jakobe was instrumental in saving the captain from certain death. His bravery was rewarded when he was given a promotion and transferred to the USS Montana as second Officer and Security Chief.

Jakobe soon discovered that being second officer was more of a fill in job for the first officer but he didn’t mind. Having a mindset of them being a team he was ready and willing to help where needed, along with running his own department. The time he spent filling in for the ship’s first officer helped ready him for a promotion he was certain would come, he just wanted to be ready for it.

The USS Sequioa was a new ship, looking for a crew. Jakobe had served under the captain before had become a command officer and when approached had jumped at the chance of being the first officer. He led many successful missions while serving there and showed exceptional leadership when the captain was injured on a mission far from home.

Service Record 2375-Pesent
USS Aries
Second Officer/ Marine CO

USS Sequoia
Marine-Executive Officer

USS Montana
Marine-Second Officer & Security Chief

USS Portland
Marine-Security Chief

USS Halverdon
Marine-Assitant Security Chief

USS Johansen
Marine-Security & Tactical

Marine Corps Marine Academy