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1st Lieutenant Kiwidinok 'Beaver'

Name Kiwidinok 'Beaver'

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Navajo)
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Aunurn long hair that reaches the small of her back, reveal a fresh, tense face. Bulging hazel eyes, set concealed within their sockets, watch discreetly over the systems they've come to love for so long.

Smooth skin seductively compliments her eyes and hair. She stands out from others as it is said there is something about her. It is like this with most of her people. There's something captivating about her, perhaps it's her sensitivity or perhaps it's simply her friendly nature. But nonetheless, people tend to welcome her, while hoping their daughters will grow up to be like her.


Spouse Single
Children None
Father Metuel
Mother Kyrie
Brother(s) Sahale - Shaman
Odakota - Farmer
Qaletaqa - Tailor
Gaagii - Sgt RECON/Sniper SFMC
Sister(s) Ayasha - Chieftain
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kiwidinok was born on Amerind in the Beta Epsilon system. This planet became home to various Native American people when they were transplanted there. Due to this she has a strong connection to her Navajo roots and wears the markings of her tribe on her uniform. She has a tendency to ask the great spirits for guidance when making repairs or working on a project.

It's hard to describe a complex person like Kiwi, but if nothing else you should know she's energetic and clear-headed. Of course she's also playful, capable and clever, but those are often overshadowed by tendencies of being stern as well.

Her energy though, this is what she's kind of cherished for. Friends tend to count on this and her modesty when they're feeling down.

She follows the old religion known as the Red Road and wears a medicine bag around her neck. She also has a medicine bundle and often seeks guidance from his animal guide.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Thinks things through
+ Loyal
+ Honorable

- Gullible
- Stubborn
- Slow to Act
Ambitions To bring her culture and her tribes ways to others. She hopes one day to tour the known galaxy bringing teachings of the Navajo to alien worlds.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, Horseback Riding, Ancient history, the Native American Flute, Survival skills, Marksmanship. She likes to live like her ancestors did, she uses to holodeck to achieve this goal.

Personal History Growing up on Amerind, Kiwi was the youngest of the six kids. Protected by her older brothers, they made sure she knew how to handle herself no matter what.

Her parents, Metuel and Kyrie, lived off the land. They owned a cattle ranch and worked as the tribal shamans and medicine folk. An odd thing in this day and age, yet they still believed in the old ways and wanted to keep the idea of eating fresh produce alive, a healthy respect that they instilled in all their children. Of course their mother made sure they also all knew how to cook, something that Kiwi became passionate about, along with horseback riding, as it enabled her to become closer to her mother.

Most of the children adhered to their parent’s wishes of one day taking over the ranch and keeping it in the family, However, Kiwi and her brother Gaagii wanted to see what was out there. So they both joined the Starfleet Marine Corps.

At the age of eighteen Kiwi left Amerind to follow in her brother’s footsteps into the Corps. Her older brother had enlisted. Kiwidinok was smarter than that she went for the officer’s track.


Once out of her primary school years, Kiwi was went to Earth to attend West Point Military Academy to finish off her secondary education and college degree. She majored in Combat Engineering and Munitions, and was enrolled in the Marine ROTC program there. It was in this secondary academy that she began to see where her strength's laid. Kiwi’s forte was not intelligence or staff organization, it was in machines, she had a knack for seeing how things were assembled and how they worked. It wasn't long into her tenure that she was noticed by her professor's and peers as a gifted engineer. Her professor's did everything in their power to challenge Kiwi's young mind and make sure she was progressing as far as she possibly could, even if the rest of her classmates were not. That meant many hours of private study and tutoring and often involved Kiwi sitting in on classes a few years ahead of her. Thus, when it came time for graduation, she had ascended to the top of the class, outdone only by one student - a student who would forever be her nemesis despite their friendship.

After her West Point graduation Kiwidinok was granted the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and accepted into the Starfleet Marine Corps.She was immediately transferred to The Basic School at Camp LeJeuene to complete her Marine training. Upon completion of The Basic School, Kiwi was sent to Starfleet Marine Corps Specialty School for Combat Engineering. When she completed that last leg of her training her fate was complete. She was officially a Starfleet Marine and rotated into the Corps at large.

Astraeus Station

After graduation she was sent to the Astraeus Station to be assigned as the Combat Engineer attached to Battalion 5632. While there Kiwidinok found herself very often in the station’s Engineering Bay. For when her unit was not on mission she was to assist the engineering staff in keeping the station running. It was these projects that she enjoyed a bit more than the standard field work of a Marine. The idea of keeping a machine running longer than it should always appealed to her.

The biggest lesson that she learned while at the station was that the fleet had a different language. This was not an actual language but a way of acting or handling situations. Over the time here she learned to temper her actions so that they would be in line with the fleet.

Kiwidinok served with distinction aboard the station for five years and she set herself apart from her colleagues. The Commanding Officer of the station put a recommendation into her file stating that he had hoped she would leave the Corps and transfer into the Fleet.

As much as she loved her work at Astraeus Station Kiwidinok was offered a position that was a dream for her. She was transferred to Vulcan to assist the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in reinforcing the Vulcan irrigation system. This position offered her two things that she cherished. One was the continued opportunity to work as an Engineer. The other was to take her culture, and everything she was and teach the Vulcans about it.


Thrilled with the chance to serve on Vulcan she'd jumped in with both feet and was ready to go. But life there wasn't what she'd hoped for. The project had a number of difficulties and Vulcans seemed less than willing to learn. In fact to her they seemed as if they knew everything and had no use in learning. However, there were a select few that became her friend. One such person was Svrock. The two became close friends although Svrock would only admit to it in the typical Vulcan manner.

While giving Svrock and other Vulcans a tour of a new irrigation system that she had designed there was a minor cave in. This was more of nuisance than something that would cause injury. However, due to her grace under pressure and her ability to get everyone out safely the Vulcan government put Kiwi in for a promotion. She was granted this promotion and the rank of First Lieutenant.

USS Aries

With the project on Vulcan complete Kiwidinok had found herself without a position. What made matters worse was that she was not sure what she wanted to do anymore. Just as she was going to request a leave of absence to go on a spirit quest she heard of a new program. It seemed that the Fleet was giving the Corps a ship. The USS Aries was to be crewed by Marines. This was an opportunity that she could not pass up. Kiwi applied for and was granted a transfer to the Aries as the Chief Engineer.

For a woman whose name means of the wind in Navajo, she was truly of the wind now. For anything can happen out there in the undiscovered country.
Service Record 2360 - 2364 - West Point Military Academy

2364 - 2366 - The Basic School at Camp LeJeuene

2366 - 2371 - Astraeus Station

2368 - Promoted to First Lieutenant

2371 - 2373 Vulcan Irrigation Project

2373 - 2375 - USS Aries Chief Engineer

2375 - Lost with all hands aboard the USS Aries

2395 - Reemerges from a temporal rift with the USS Aries