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Colonel Naomi 'Tempest' Devereaux

Name Naomi 'Tempest' Devereaux

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Colonel


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Brunette, usually dyed blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description In addition to her French heritage also shares German and Dutch ancestry. Has a slim athletic build from years of physical conditioning. She has a scar on her stomach where a Klingon Bat’leth made contact during a fight.


Spouse Ex-Husband, Commodore Jeremy Harkins
Children None.
Father Major General Francois ‘Frank’ Devereaux Starfleet Marines (ret)
Mother Dr. Michelle Devereaux (nee Crown) Starfleet (ret)
Brother(s) Colonel Jean Devereaux, Starfleet Marines (DECEASED)
Other Family Second Lieutenant Xavier Devereaux (Nephew), Starfleet Marines

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses Leadership – Has been in a leadership role all her life and it suits her. She has never been afraid to go in first and is always the last set of boots to leave the ground. She looks after every marine under her command as if they were her family and treats them with the respect they deserve.

Tactical Specialist – Over years of experience is a seasoned tactical planner. Has written many papers on tactics in dangerous situations, warzones etc. Usually signs off on all plans made on board the Aries.


Stubborn – When she believes she is right it can be quite hard to persuade her otherwise.

Alcohol – Has a weakness for a drink or two. One could say it is her vice.
Ambitions At present she has what she wants in life. She leads a SPEC OPS ship and does what she does best. If anything, her ambitions now are simply to make sure all her marines make it back safely and fulfill her role as Commanding Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies include martial arts, has trained in Jiu Jitsu and is proficient in most melee weapons. As a keen markswoman can often be found in the holodeck or shooting range ensuring her skills remain at peak.

Has interests that include yoga and meditation.

Personal History Naomi was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to marine father and a medical doctor of a mother. Major General Francois Devereaux was a military man down to the core and followed the line of his fathers before him. Devereaux is a name well renowned within the Starfleet Marine Corp, even dating back to the MACO days. Naomi’s mother, Michelle, was a medical doctor working at a clinic in South Africa when she was born. Years later her brother Jean was born and it was felt their family was complete.

Her childhood was pretty standard but being a Devereaux comes with certain expectations and her father made sure her brother and she both knew what they were. Service, of some kind, to the planet they called home. It didn’t have to be the marine corps, he wasn’t too particular as he knew Jean was already going to do so but when Naomi decided the same it was her mother whom objected.

To say Naomi was ruthless would be harsh. She was just ‘enthusiastic’ in making sure her goal was achieved and believed that intelligence and cunning would win over strength or brute force. Throughout her school years her intelligence levels were always above the norm. She was also known to have gotten into a few fights in her high school years but always outsmarted those that stood against her and was likened to a violent storm, a Tempest.

She attended West Point Military Academy in 2358 to round off a rather rambunctious schooling experience. Four years there were some of the best of her life to date as she graduated first in Military Strategy, Covert Operations and Combat. It was here her talents for espionage and subterfuge. The name ‘Tempest’ followed her from high school and as it was very apt to her skills it became her callsign within the marine corps.

She was posted on the USS Silver as a First Lieutenant and listed as Marine Intelligence Officer/Strategist. It was shortly after this posting that the Romulans reappeared on the scene and this scared a few higher ups in Starfleet Command. Naomi was sent undercover to Romulus.

This lasted only 2 years and the information she gathered was valuable as to the state of the Romulan Empire. In 2361 there was to be an attempt to push further into Federation space, to attack a colony discreetly and expand for resources. It was due to Naomi’s relay of information that this attack was stopped. The Romulans claimed to have ‘lost’ the plans and that the political state within the Senate changed forcing the plan to be dropped.

In 2363 the minor skirmishes of the Federation-Cardassian War were still ongoing. The now Marine Captain Devereaux was assigned a team of 4 and they were to be embedded within Cardassian society once again to gather intelligence and relay information to Starfleet and Federation officials. Luckily years later an armistice was signed, and hostilities ended forcing them to leave Cardassia after 3 years within their culture.

In some ways Naomi admired the militaristic rigidity of the Caradassian culture and was a bit saddened to leave.

In 2366 she took a few months leave to reacclimatize to being Human once more. Undercover work tended to have an effect that made people lose some of their identity, but she never needed much time to bounce back.

In the later months of 2366 was on board the USS Moriarty when it fought against the Borg Cube at Wolf 359. She was on a small marine vessel designed for hit and run maneuvers and commanded by Major Horatio Bennet. During the attack he was killed, along with the XO, and Naomi assumed command due to her status as 2XO at the time. She managed to perform some skilled attacks by pretending to be damaged beyond interest and eventually had to play dead in order to survive. As the Borg left the system the Moriarty performed search and rescue on board some of the lesser damaged ships and saved other officers that would have otherwise died.

Naomi was promoted to Major and her resulting actions granted her the honour of remaining in command of the USS Moriarty. Her crew rallied around her, the embodiment of marine culture and respect.

During a scouting mission in 2369 they discovered a damaged Tholian vessel adrift near the Alegan system. Upon boarding the vessel, as they gave no response to hails and there were no lifesigns, the ship came to life. It turned out it was a trap as the Tholians had shielded their lifesigns in order to capture Starfleet officers for torture to gather information of their own. Equipped with portable transporter pins Naomi managed to get most of her away team off the ship by damaging their shield generator. Her skills of covert espionage not going unused. She set the ship to self-destruct and managed to get back to the Moriarty, escaping before more Tholian vessels could arrive.

In 2370 she was transferred from the Moriarty onto a newly designed Defiant class vessel, the USS Aries. This was to be a ship that didn’t really exist for the reasons people thought. This was to be a specially designed marine SPEC OPS vessel. She was promoted to Lt. Colonel later that year.

Later that year first contact is made with the Dominion and the destruction of the USS Odyssey sends ripples through the fleet. The Aries is ordered to patrol near DS9 and surrounding systems to ensure peace is kept ultimately the scope of the Dominions plans cause this to fail.

By 2373 full scale war between the Dominion begins and casualties amongst the marine community rise as they are the first sent into the crosshairs of Dominion rifles. Due to this Naomi is granted the promotion to Colonel and at her request brings on someone she trusts as her XO, now Lt. Colonel Jack Patton.

The next two years were bloody, destructive and sneaky from the Aries as they were granted a cloaking device from the Federation, secretly of course. The USS Defiant had the counterpart cloak but the Aries was not to be known to have one. They ventured through the wormhole on many occasions and this is where the learnt of the plot that would cause their disappearance.

In 2375 while engaging in the final stages of the Dominion War the USS Aries was sent to stop a temporal project being run by the Founders and the Dominion. The Dominion knew that they were losing the war. So, their plan was to manipulate space/time to go back and win major engagements using the knowledge of the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan strategies that they now had. The Aries was successful and destroyed the facility and all information that it had even existed. It was believed at the time that the ship itself was caught up in the temporal blast that encompassed the Dominion station. They were deemed lost in action and remained so for 20 years.
In 2395 the USS Aries emerged from a temporal rift in the Vordath Cluster. The crew found that Starfleet had recently branched into the Cluster. So, without missing a beat the USS Aries started to do what they did best. To serve and protect the Federation from all of its enemies both foreign and domestic.
Service Record 2358 – 2361 West Point Military Academy (Military Strategy, Covert Operations and Combat Majors)

2361 - Granted the rank of 1st Lieutenant and listed as Military Intelligence Officer on the USS Silver. ~CLASSIFIED OPERATION~ Year undercover on Romulus.

2363 – 2366 Still listed as Military Intelligence Officer on USS Silver. Promotion to Marine Captain in 2363 ~CLASSIFIED OPERATION~ 3-year undercover operation on Cardassia. Led 4-man espionage team.

2367 – On board USS Moriarty as 2XO and Security/Tactical Officer. Takes part in Battle of Wolf 359 and takes command of vessel due to death of superiors. During this manages to somewhat damage the Borg cube before ‘playing possum’ and being able to perform search and rescue on other Starfleet vessels. Saves many lives.

2367 – Given command of USS Moriarty and promotion to Major.

2369 – Avoids Tholian capture during scouting mission and is able to escape vessel by using their own self-destruct against them. This deters any action from them as a result.

2370 – Given command of newly designed Defiant class USS Aries, a new SPEC OPS marine vessel. Promotion to Lt. Colonel.

2373 – USS Aries given secret cloaking device to counter Dominion threat as war erupts. Takes part in many operations assigned by Starfleet Marine Intelligence/Naval Intelligence.

2375 – Deemed Missing in action with all hands of the USS Aries.

2395 – The USS Aries reemerges from a time vortex in the Vordath Cluster.