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Captain Alexis 'Thumper' Solwick

Name Alexis 'Thumper' Solwick

Position Executive Officer

Rank Captain


Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazed
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5"7
Weight 113
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Average height for a betazed female. She very slender, but loves to work out. She likes to prove to her fellow marines, that she belongs in that uniform. She has two tattoos, but from joining the marine the first one is the symbol of starfleet marines on her right shoulder blade, the other on her right ankle. The image on her ankle is a small tree frog from Earth, she thought the image looked cute.


Spouse Single
Children N/A
Father Baran Sildar-Solwick
Mother Clara Solwick
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) Cheyenne Solwick 25
Erica Solwick II (Twin)
Other Family Erica Solwick I, Grandmother

Michael Hudson, Grandfather

Veronica Solwick, Aunt

Marcus Anders-Solwick, Uncle

Erica Solwick III, Cousin

Alexis Sowlick, Cousin

Treyla Solwick, Cousin

Natan Meran-Solwick, Cousin by marriage

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexis has a very competitive personality in general. She tends to be a little shy, when meeting new people. She is very warm hearted, and a compassionate person. She joined Starfleet Marine Corps to help toughen her up. She comes from a long and prideful family heritage, starting back with her Great Grandmother Erica Solwick, I.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alexis is a very modest person who believes that life can a little challenging at times. Especially after the “Dominion War.” She loves to show humility and modesty whenever she can. She has persistence to to complete the job, while maintaining the highest level of integrity in her personal and professional life.

Being raised on Betazed has given Treyla has a very unique perspective on life. She appreciates the fact that through her gift of being telepathic she can find ways of making people see and understand their social interactions with others. She considers this one of her deepest strengths, the ability to Appreciate of beauty and excellence of life.

Alexis is a little naive at times, even though she is appreciative of beauty and excellence, her shy like attitude has often prevented her from reaching out and helping others. From a young age she discovered each race has their own cultural identity, and no one side seemed to be have the right way. Her parents being traditionalist tried to teach her it’s okay to embrace other cultures as long as you do not forget who you are.

At first she thought she wanted to be a Doctor. But then she realized that was the goal of her twin sister. She wanted to set herself apart. She was trying to figure out who she was. Treyla struggles with adapting to change, she learned that she can not help others in that capacity until she learned to find herself. She knew she still wanted to help people and join starfleet so she decided to become a security officer.

Alexis is pretty vague and indifferent about her family life, she has a little resentment about being a twin child and always competing for affection. Alexis desperately wanted to separate from her twin. While her sister joined starfleet and became a scientist, Alexis joined the marines and became a corpsman.

Alexis felt because she was a space traveler, due to her parents profession, some of the kids would tease her, and treat her like a circus show. She learned to resent her abilities and tried to deny who she was to blend in.

Alexis can be really stubborn about somethings, once she has made up her mind. Her indifference was caused by her parents preach about remaining true to betazoid customs, but her parents only had her. This seemed like a complete contradiction. She was not sure why her parents were so strict on following protocol and ethics, when they seemed to not to follow them.

Ambitions Alexis joined Starfleet Marine Corps to help toughen her up, and help teach her discipline and how to serve the Federation. She wants to join the diplomatic corps, and hopefully someday represent the Betazoid People.

Hobbies & Interests Alexis Loves to play card games from Earth’s 21st century. She also loves to go on nice long walks, and loves to work out. She is very athletic but does not like outdoor events. She doesn't mind a day hike, but her idea of roughing it is on the USS Aries.

Alexis is interested in painting and musical art performances. Living on a starship, with no special amenities is hard, but every time the crew is on a starbase, she tries to find a show to attend, and if she can not. She goes to the Holodeck, and plays a random holographic program.

Personal History Life with a twin:

Alexis was born to Baron and Clara Solwick in 2345. Her twin sister Erica Solwick II was born first, making Alexis the younger twin. Alexis grew up with both parents, in a loving and stable family environment. She was very close to twin sister.

Alexis was very shy, and Erica was outspoken. Alexis always fought to get attention, from her family and friends. and learned to be very competitive around her twin. She was only a shy girl till you gotta know her. She was passionate and full of joy and love. But often, that shadowed by her twin’s outgoing personality. They always seemed to be competing.

Despite the constant rivalry for affection, and attention Alexis and Erica were both very close to one another. They loved to play together. They made a pack at a young age to always support one another.

Starfleet Marine Corps:

When Erica was accepted to Starfleet Academy, shortly at the ending of the war, she was nominated for Officer commission. Everyone assumed that Alexis, would join Starfleet. However she wanted to set herself a part. She decided not seek a commission, and enlisted with Starfleet Marine Corps. Her parents tried to file injunction to stop her appointment. But in 2363, she joined Starfleet Marine Corps and by 2367 she had completed training as a medical under graduate.

Alexis moved onto starfleet medical corps, and earned doctorate in medical studies. She specialized in family care and neurology. She completed the medical corps in 2371 and was assigned to the USS Cosmo as a medical officer. By 2375 she was given her first department level position, on the USS Aries.

Life as a Solwick:

Alexis felt like she needed a break from the legacy of being a Solwick. She decided to join Starfleet Marine Corps, to get away from it all. While in bootcamp and training it was easier to avoid everyone. But she discovered you can not fully get ride of the Solwick legacy. Her Aunt a Federation Ambassador, dropped by every so often to check in with her.

Alexis hated it, but at least Auntie Krisna was supportive of her role. And made an effort to see her. But Krisna believed that a Solwick joining special forces, would bring honor and pride, and wanted to motivate her niece to do so. Krisna also used this to help her in her political arena, proving that Solwicks are dedicated to service, and helping all branches of the military.

Alexis did not like being her pawn, but she really did not have a choice. However with that said, it was nice of her Auntie to come around and say hi. Even though she would never admit that publically. She had a marine image to uphold. The proud, the brave, the few.
Service Record 2375 - Present
USS Aries, Chief Medical Officer

2373 - 2375
USS Lincolnshire, Assistant Chief Medical Officer

2371 - 2373
USS Cosmo, Medical Officer

2367 - 2371
Starfleet Marine Medical Corps Academy
Promoted to Ensign in 2367

2363 - 2367
Starfleet Marine Corps Academy - Medical Services