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Status Current Mission
Description This can be anything pre-2375. As the Aries was commissioned in 2370 it had 5 years of classified missions, side missions and comradery before the event that threw them into the future so therefore in the wiki I will be writing up missions that the ship took part it throughout those 5 years. Other than that it is anything in your characters past you wish to tell us about, something that helps us understand who you are on a better level.
Mission Group Golden Oldies
Start Date Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 6:43pm

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Title Timeline Location
Doctors call
by Captain Alexis 'Thumper' Solwick
January 2375 Mess Hall, USS Aries, Docked at Starbase 78
Sierra Hotel Ramp Strike
by Sergeant Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell & Colonel Naomi 'Tempest' Devereaux
After Soldier On Shuttle Bay Deck 4
Meeting The New CO
by Colonel Naomi 'Tempest' Devereaux & Captain Raylan 'Pioneer' Ch'Tol
2370 USS Aries

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