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Doctors call

Posted on Thu Jan 24th, 2019 @ 5:44am by Captain Alexis 'Thumper' Solwick
Edited on on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 7:01pm

Mission: Emergence
Location: Mess Hall, USS Aries, Docked at Starbase 78
Timeline: January 2375

Naomi sat at her usual table eating a meal of Italian pasta and drinking a glass of red wine whilst looking over the latest report she was to send to Starfleet. This detailed the latest intelligence gathered on the Dominion station hiding in the dark, the one performing time experiments and trying to alter the way of the war. It was her final report, one that detailed her plan to attack, the resources she'd require and the need for immediate operational approval.

There were other PADDs that were on the table, mostly the new arrivals that were transferring.

They had been docked at Starbase 78 for several days for resupply, stocking up on the inventory needed to defeat the Dominion and their attempts to alter the fabric of time but also to pick up new crewmembers. Those that had been specially selected to join the Aries and their missions in the shadows. There wasn't too many but still enough to keep the bunks full and the fire in the Aries' belly.

Alexis was puzzled, this was the not the typical place to meet your new commanding officer. But she could not find any real information on the USS Aries, other than she was docked at the station, getting resupplied, and crewed. She was part of the crew coming aboard. She walked over to the Colonel, sitting at the table. "Private First Class Alexis Solwick reporting for duty sir." She said in a proud tone, and made sure it was loud and precise.

Naomi looked up to see a young woman standing before her. She was as straight as a pencil and looked at green as they come when just out of the corp enlisted training. "Welcome to the Aries Private, please sit down." she said gesturing to one of the seats in front of her. "Not the usual meeting spot for introductions I'll admit but we take the time when we can. How was your trip?"

"Not bad Sir, uneventful, allowed me to catch up on light reading." Alexis said, trying to make light of the fact, she was reading a long dragged out novel. There was nothing for her to do on the the transport vessel that brought her over to the USS Aries. She hoped there would be a few things to do on the ship. Given the fact it was a defiant and so small, she was a little concerned about how to keep herself entertained. She thought about replicating a few playing cards.

"Oh?" Naomi asked pushing her plate to one side and gesturing for the young woman to sit. "What is it you, are reading? The closest thing I get to read is status reports on the war, and information pertaining to our upcoming mission." Naomi's callsign was Tempest, a raging storm not easily tempered, but she wasn't a hard woman more so that she fought hard to keep her crew safe and ensured a missions success by mostly any means. If seen outside of uniform most would not suspect that was her profession.

"I should probably read something like, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, however I am reading the Twlight Novels, because a friend recommended. But I am regretting that decision. Stephanie Meyer, does not know anything about vampire or werewolf folk lore." Alexis said. She was debating why she was still reading the novel.

"Twilight?" Naomi half asked. "I must admit I don't get the whole science fiction kind of thing but what ever lights a spark in your imagination Private." Naomi took a drink of her coffee, with a little hint of something extra. She liked it with a little nip of spice. "So brass tacks and some people say, why did you join the Marine Corps? I want your reason, real one."

"Everyone expected me to join the fleet, I am not sure if you know this, but the Solwick's have been in Starfleet 2252. I knew from a young age, I wanted to serve in Stafleet. But I wanted to do it on my own accords, not because of my family legacy, I guess I am here to prove to myself, I can do this on my own, just like my first ancestor did, back in 2252. I chose to enlisted, instead of becoming an officer, and I choose to be a corpsman. I knew I wanted to help others, and I have been drawn to medical care services since a young age. I wanted to do this on my own." Alexis said, hoping that answered the question.

"Family can be a strong motivator Private, that I understand. My heritage is the same, my father is retired Major General, and my brother also in the marines. A lot of pressure to join but I value and respect someone who does it on their own terms. One of the many reasons I chose you to be here Ms Solwick. I read your file, know your history and usually I'm a good judge of character and am pretty choosey when it comes to adding to my family here. So welcome to the Aries, secret family of ghosts."

"Thank you Colonel, I am honored to be here." Alexis said, what she really wanted to ask was, what was the other reasons. But this was not really the appropriate time to be asking those questions. "I appreciate the chance you have provided to me Colonel." Alexis said, trying to show her gratitude, but in a professional manner.

"My pleasure Corpsman. Hopefully your skills will come in handy when patching these fine marines up in the field. Do you have any questions for me?" Naomi asked.

"Non Colonel, just eager to get started with the mission." Alexis said with a big grin on her face. She was eager to start her career. While her sister was going through the academy, she was already on ship and starting her career. She hoped her parents would have been more supportive. But she would have to win them over later.

"Then you are dismissed Private. Make sure your gear is squared away and report to Dr. MacAvoy before we depart tomorrow at 0500." Naomi replied to the young woman standing so proudly.

Alexis stood up and snapped to position as she saluted then did a direct about face and left the Colonel. She had a big grin on her face. That was a pretty good meeting she thought.

Colonel Naomi Deveraux
Commanding Officer, USS Aries

Private First Class Alexis Solwick
Corpsman, USS Aries


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