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Lunch Time Gossip

Posted on Wed Jul 24th, 2019 @ 4:32pm by Major Jakobe "Dagger" Halbren & Captain Alexis 'Thumper' Solwick
Edited on on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 1:04pm

Mission: Emergence
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: 2400

There seemed to be a lot of down time at the moment, not that she minded. This was a change of pace. She remembered since she first arrive, it was dealing with one issue, after another. She walked into the mess hall, and replicated herself a meal. She walked over to an empty table, and took a seat.

Jakobe went into the mess hall and grabbed something to eat. He looked around and smiled when he saw Alexis. He headed over and took a seat. Hey, how are you today?”

"He returns, thought maybe I scared you away with learning about your heritage." Alexis said, feeling relieved that he was still talking to her. Was nice to have another Betazed on the ship.

“Not at all,” Jakobe replied. “I don’t scare off easily.”

"Well see about that." Alexis said, making it sound like it would almost be a challenge for her to scare him off.

“So what’s new?” Jakobe asked as he prepared to eat. ”Anything interesting you can share with me?”

"Ya, I met a patient early, that needs to learn about his heritage. How would you recommend, I help that patient?" She asked, with a big grin on her face.

Jakobe weighed her question. “To spend time with him so you can ascertain how much he knows and where to start helping him learn.”

"There is a simpler way." She said, with a big grin on her face. She was curious, if he was really opened to the idea.

“What would that be?” He asked her, curious as to what she had in mind. Jakobe was encouraged by the fact she had come up with a plan.

Alexis looked into his eyes, she was starting to gaze into his mind. "Don't resist me." She said, as she started to open up a telepathic link, between them. The act of opening his mind, was a little intense. He was so far out of practice. She was starting to tear down the defenses, he made.

Jakobe get his instinct to block start to kick in and he forced it away. If she was willing to put herself out then he would not resist.

Inside Jakobe's mind...

Alexis started to go through his mental blocks, she had a big smile, as she told him to, "close your eyes." She said, with a soft voice. They started to see, the same path, his memories, at his recent ones, started to surface. Even a few fantasies. She smiled as she looked at him, telepathically in his mind. "Welcome to your brain." She said, as they looked around, and watched his memories and feelings fill up the area.

Jakobe expected to feel invaded. Instead he felt peace. It wasn’t at all how he imagined it would be. “It is incredible.” He replied. “Thank you!”

"We just started." She said with a big grin. She started to walk around, his mind was creating a road for them to follow. "Some point, will teach you how to focus your mind. I can see, you are distracted." Alexis said, she knew she was the reason for his distraction.

“Sorry,” Jakobe replied though clearly he wasn’t. “I will get better with time.”

As he said that, his mind started to think about her. First about the attraction, then his desire to kiss her. She tried not to smile it was cute, but completely in appropriate for the exercise. She passed it off, since he was out of practice. "Don't apologize." She said, knowing he would want too.

“You know I am not really sorry,” Jakobe returned. “I don’t have a thing to hide from you anymore, you know how I feel.”

"Way to early to be saying things like that, but thank you for opening up." She said, with a big open heart. She liked the fact he liked her. But it was way to early.

“And I wouldn’t have mentioned it right now,” Jakobe said honestly. “I am upfront though and this way there isn’t some secret between us. If it ends up I am not your type I can accept friendship.”

"You are trying to hard, just let things happen, as they may." Alexis said with a big grin. He thought she was opening up her mind to him, but she was better at hiding how she felt. She had been practicing for a long time. He was on the right path though. She liked what she saw, and he was a fun and energetic person.

“Okay,” Jakobe said. He felt like she was hiding something but he couldn’t control what she did only his own actions. “I will try not to try hard.”

"Just have to let it happened." She said, letting on, that she was sad to hurt his feelings. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. She wanted to motivate him, not to give up the chase. Just slow it down a little. Be little less direct, and play the flirting game.

Jakobe sat back and decided to just let go, think about things that made him happy. He smiled to himself thinking it was funny because his thoughts went back to Alexis. “Well, Hell!”

"I don't understand?" She said, trying to get him to open up. She was teasing a little. She just wanted him to open up a little more, and slow down a little bit, not slam on the brakes.

“Every time I relax.” Jakobe confessed. “My mind turns to you. Should I think about my family or something?”

"That's sweet, you really like me. I appreciate that. Let's see if we can control this surface level emotion. How to suppress it, from broadcasting to the world." She starting lesson one. Suppressing his emotions. When he was ready, she would have him, try to read her mind.

Jakobe concentrated on pushing back those emotions. He thought about his brothers for a moment, the family was spread out through the universe, everyone serving in different places.

"Very good, refocusing your thoughts is a good strategy." Alexis said, loving the fact, he picked that up pretty fast. "Now I want you to try to probe my mind, think about me, and think, what is she thinking?" Alexis said, letting her defenses down, to let him in easily.

Jakobe frowned for a moment. It was easier to say than to do. If he wasn’t careful, he would think too hard so he just let his mind think of her, wondered what she thought of him, did she think of him at all. He reached out to her mind.

"Need to focus a little harder, and stop worrying what I am going to think. Distractions, will only misguide you." Alexis said, as she tried to encourage him on.

Jakobe tried again and felt that struggle with not wanting to upset her. He pushed it aside and reached out. At first there was nothing but he relaxed more and focused on her. It wasn’t long and he could read her thoughts. “You think I’m cute huh?”

"Yes, no shame in admitting that." She said. "What else do sense?" She asked, thinking about having a bowl of ice cream. A cool soothing bowl of peppermint, sounded really nice.

“I love the kind with the little pieces of peppermint,” Jakobe smiles.

"Very good, let's take a break and treat ourselves to some ice cream." Alexis said, with her real voice. They had really silent, for to long. She did not want people thinking more was going on between them.

Jakobe blinked. He hadn’t realized until that moment they hadn’t spoken a word.

"Did that surprise you, how easily that came?" She asked rhetorically. She wanted him to see how easy it was for him. With a little guidance, she would make a Betazed out of him yet.

“I am,” Jakobe said honestly. “I thought it would be harder.”

"Never put doubt in your mind, you are a remarkable person, and a wonderful Betazed. Share that with the universe said, we can start, by getting that bowl of ice cream." Alexis said, as she walked over to the replicator.

Jakobe waited for her to go first and then he replicated his, requesting extra bites of peppermint candy in his. He followed her back to the table. Sitting down he closed his eyes and took a bite, sighing. “So good!”

"Yes it is, and dare I say it...." She paused for dramatic affect. "Better than chocolate." she said with a big teasing grin on her face.

“Definitely!” Jakobe smiled. “I don’t hate chocolate but I am not a fan.”

"I think we are going to get along, perfectly. We are definitely on for later tonight?" She asked, with a big grin on her face. She was eager to spend more time with him.

“Definitely,” Jakobe nodded with a grin. “We get to know each other that way.”

"It's a date." She said, with a big grin on her face. "That's okay with you, right. That it's a date." Alexis ask with a big grin on her face. "Don't be late or stand me up!"

A joint post by;

Private First Class Alexis Solwick
Corpsman, USS Aries

Private First Class Jackobe Halbren
Security Specialist, USS Aries


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