Eager Beaver

Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 6:14pm by Captain Alexis 'Thumper' Solwick & 1st Lieutenant Kiwidinok 'Beaver' & Major Jakobe "Dagger" Halbren

Mission: Emergence
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: TBD

It was pleasant enough, the fields were green, the birds chirped, and her spirit animals the Crow and the Beaver were near. Kiwidinok walked the fields in the sunshine and she smiled. This was better than it was before. Better than being in the black. She ran, she skipped, a falcon swooped down in her path and she chased it as she did when she was a little girl. All of this would have been the perfect life for one that was called of the wind. However, something was wrong, the wind was silent and still and the color was off this was not right, it was dream.

As that realization hit her like a ton of bricks the klaxon rang in her ears. She tried to sit up and couldn't. "God damn it what in frakkin hell is going on. The scene came into focus, Kiwi lay at the base of the warp core pinned by a beam. Two engineers lay not too distant from her, but they were far enough that she could not gauge whether they were alive or not. "I sure hope we hit them as hard as they hit us. I have to get in touch with someone. Computer get me the bridge..." There was no response not even a chirp. "FRAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKk!" she shouted over the din of noise. "If the computer is offline we are all going to die anyway. Time to improvise Kiwi, show them what you got."

She managed to wriggle under the warp control console, and open the hatch. Inside the conduit it was a mess of crossed and fried wires. The distinct odor of burned circuits filled her nostrils and Main Engineering. Using the one hand that she had free and her mouth she managed to swipe the isolinear chips and switched the Aries computer to it's back up. "There that should make the bridge somewhat happy. Afterall we are now going to live for a bit." Kiwidinok's coping mechanism was to talk. She was fond of saying that she could talk her way through any situation.

"Now Computer can you please get me someone one the bridge..." There was a buzz instead of a chirp and then a series of sparks from the conduit. Some of the spark singed the engineer and she just sighed as it was par for the course. A small screwdriver sat in a pocket of her uniform. With some doing and some pain she managed to fish it out and use it to reset the internal communications, albeit temporarily. This time the computer chirped and Kiwi smiled.

=/\=This First Lieutenant Kiwidinok in Main Engineering. Is there anyone on the bridge? Please respond bridge I am not sure how much time this comm channel will work for.=/\= She could see that the channel was active however, she did not know if there was anyone up there to hear her.

“Major Halbren,” Jakobe replied. “We’re relieved your still among us.” He looked over at Captain Solwick. “Before we lose you where are you and do you need assistance.”

Alexis was glad they still had an engineer. The USS Aries, was a mess at the moment. They needed an engineer. She smiled, hoping the Lieutenant was still in engineering.

Kiwi was unsure if they heard correctly on the bridge, she opted for a repeat of the original message. "This is First Lieutenant Kiwidinok in Main Engineering. I am pinned under some debris. But it looks like the ship is operational, barely but we are alive. If someone can get down here and free me, I can see what I can do about the systems." Despite the commotion and the pain her voice was calm and even, almost sing song like.

Alexis heard the message more clearly. "Understood Lieutenant, help is coming." She said, and being the only medic on the ship at the moment, the responsibility fell onto her, to get down there.

"Thanks bridge I..." The comm channel cut out a series of sparks went off over Kiwidinok's head. "Well that is just great isn't it. What matter of suck have we gotten ourselves into." Kiwi said aloud but more to herself then anyone else. She tried to sit up and look around to see if anyone else was alive, but a searing pain shot up from her legs. She sighed heavily and hoped for someone to get there soon.

"Major, request permission to get down there, and help her out." Alexis asked, a little concerned what she would find in engineering. She walked over to grab a med kit on the bridge. As she waited for Jakobe's response.

“Granted,” Jakobe nodded. He turned to Captain Solwick of the Pioneer. “Our security chief will escort your engineers and I hope you understand they will not be left in Engineering without some security.”

"Agreed, but never been on a Defiant, so this will be a nice treat." Adria said, she would do the same in his situation. She did not want to escalate the situation.

Alexis started to head down to Engineering, she needed to check on Kiwi. Make sure her fellow marine was safe.

Alexis makes it to engineering, she desperately calls out. "Kiwi, where are you?" She asked, seeing engineering bening a big mess, there was a lot of smoke. Visibility was no good. She was glad the crew of the USS Pioneer was there to assist them.

"Will work on restoring key systems, you find your marine." Adria said to her.

"Agreed, and thank you Captain." Alexis said to her.

Alexis could hear a small echo faint voice. "Kiwi." She called out again, looking desperately for Kiwi. The smoke was pretty intense, but Adria was now working on it.

"I'm over here Thumper and thanks. But I swear by the old Gods and the new that if they don't get their hands off my ship I will have their gobs for earrings. Oh, they are lucky I can't get up right now. eechaa'itsa'ii biyaazh (son of a bitch) this hurts. Ch'iidii (F$%k) I said hold off, as soon as I am free I can fix the ole man." Kiwi squirmed under the weight of the conduit that was on her legs. In truth she could not really feel her legs and knew that her scalp had been burned by the plasma explosion. However, she would be damned if this nobodies would touch her handsome man, her Aries.

Alexis started to assess the situation. She noticed the beams. She tried to lift it. It was to bulky and extremely heavy. "I need some help over here." She called out, as she noticed a man walk over. "Can you assist me?" She asked as she looked at Captain Patton.

These rescue missions were usually cut and dry. However, since boarding the Aries The Kingsmen had a slightly harder time of it. Nothing added up on this ship and it was darn confusing. Jack was looking at some of the warp drive settings when he heard a woman ask for help. He turned to find another Captain attempting to lift a beam off of a very angry looking woman. "Can do..." He said as he bent to help pick up the beam. Once the beam was moved away he spoke again. "Captain Jack Patton of the Pioneer at your service."

"Captain Solwick, pleasure to meet you." Alexis called out. She had no idea that Adria was also a Solwick. She did not hear earlier, when Adria was introducing herself, she just called her Captain, cause bore that rank on her uniform.

Jack paused for a moment at the name. He wondered if there were some relationship between his CO and this woman. His mouth opened to ask when he caught himself, it would be a breach of the temporal prime directive. "The pleasure is all mine. I am guessing this is your Chief Engineer."

"It is, Captain Patton meet Lieutenant Kiwidinok, Our Chief Engineer." Alexis pointed out to Jack. As she pulled out her tricorder, to start scanning the injured marine.

"And Captain with all due respect sir I will rip the smirk off your face if you and your croneys don't stop messing with my ole man." Kiwi spoke through gritted teeth as the pain reared it's ugly head. She tried to stand up and work, but was quickly stopped by Solwick.

Jack assessed the situation quickly and came to the only conclusion that would work for everyone involved. "Lieutenant Kiwidinok I will tell you what. If you promise to sit still and be a good patient I will follow your orders. What is the quickest way to get this ship back to some semblance of operational."

"You can divert power from the the warhead launchers and shunt it into the warp drive system. That should at least give us propulsion, navigation, sensors, and a computer. But..." Kiwi's voice trailed off as pain racked her body. "...But you will need the authorization of the CO and XO in order to take the warhead offline."

"They are both missing, to be honest 2/3 of the crew is missing." Alexis pointed out to Kiwi. She knew the engineer was in a lot of pain, but she was curious to see how she would react to the news.

With her eyes closed and through clenched teeth Kiwi muttered in her native tongue. "eechaa'itsa'ii biyaazh" (Son of a bitch) "With all due respect Thumper you get the senior most and second senior most officers to concur with bringing that ticking time bomb offline are we are nothing but particles floating in space."

Jack turned to glance at the engineering read outs and nodded sternly. "She's right... that warhead is leaking if it explodes we are all done for."

"Then lets solve the issue, instead of agreeing its happening." Alexis pointed out to them. "We need solutions." She said, as she looked over to Jakobe and the others. So far, they were out of ear range of this conversation.

"If you take it offline all will be fine. We can bring it back online once the system is repaired." Kiwi replied. Her voice was a little stronger as she was now free from the debris that pinned her. However, she still could not move.

"I need to get you to sickbay, we need to run more scans on you. For the moment, the ship appears to be stable." Alexis told Kiwi, hoping she would go voluntarily.

Kiwi could hear the voice of her brother in her head. He always spoke of listening and heeding the advice of our animal guides. Right now the Raven called to her and told her to fly from this place, that knowledge would come later. She turned to her friend Alexis. "Perhaps you are right, but I swear if these jumbais make a mess of my precious man, my Aries. I swear I will have their balls for earrings."