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Sierra Hotel Ramp Strike

Posted on Tue Jan 1st, 2019 @ 11:35am by Sergeant Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell
Edited on on Thu Mar 19th, 2020 @ 6:58pm

Mission: Emergence
Location: Shuttle Bay Deck 4
Timeline: After Soldier On

The last thing that Maverick remembered was guiding into the shuttle bay after a successful mission. He was tasked with flying the strike team onto the station. As any Top Gun would do he got his team in and got them home safe. Well, there's the rub it wasn't completely safe. Just as the shuttle was on final approach everything got Sierra Hotel. Pete lifted his head gingerly off the flight console he felt the blood trickling from his head and his lips. The emergency catch net was around the shuttle and everyone aboard was out like a light, all six of them.

He wiped the blood, and coughed some up. "Well, first order of business after a ramp strike is check the flight team, and flight crew." He looked out the forward window and saw the bodies most likely dead, then he looked around around the shuttle. "Right so much for the checklist..." He checked the pulse and breathing of his six member team and found that three were dead and three were unconscious. The other piece of good news was aside from not having propulsion the shuttle was in good working order and life support was holding. "I love it when a plan comes together, don't you guys." He laughed and activated the shuttles comm system.

=/\="This is C Sling 7 Maverick, broadcasting in the blind. I seek the rising storm, when all fails seek the storm is the order of the day. I repeat broadcasting in the blind..."=/\= He transmitted the coded message that the Colonel gave them should things go south. "Boy howdy did they go south." Maverick let the message broadcast on repeat, he was not sure if the bridge could receive or if they were alive. But staying in the shuttle was best, and so he started to patch his wounded while he waited in the eerie silence.

=/\="The sun always shines after a storm. Maverick it is great to hear you made it back on board. Status report Sergeant?"=/\=

Oh Thank the gods... Maverick thought as he heard the Colonel give the response that it was okay to speak freely. "Currently ma'am it seems that the entire shuttle bay crew is dead. Three of the Strike Team are dead, and three are in need of medical assistance stat. The shuttle systems are working with exception to propulsion I am working on getting the hatch open. However, it seems that the Shuttle Bay has no life support. So for the time being I guess I am staying put. Hope things are better up there."

"We have only just achieved inner ship communications once more Sergeant and we have lost a good few members of the bridge staff." she said sighing very audibly. "I'm glad we didn't lose all of you and I'll see to sending a repair team to fixing life support on the shuttlebay. Is there any chance of using the shuttlecraft transporters to get you out of there quicker? Unless you feel they would jeopardize the injured?" she asked very matter of fact. She tried to keep a lid on her emotions at the best of times and this was pushing her limits ever so slightly.

Pete snapped his fingers, that was the answer and that was why she was the Colonel. "Yes Ma'am I think we can beam the injured directly to Sick Bay or a triage area. However, someone would have to remain on the shuttle to operate the transporter. I volunteer Ma'am. I think I can get the engines online, once I do that I can relaunch and tie the shuttle's sensors into the Aries. Then at least you would have eyes and ears until the ship is ready. That is of course with your permission ma'am." All of Maverick's words were well within protocol, however there was a cockiness and confidence to his speech. As if he had already begun to do it without the orders, and knew it would all work.

"Proceed at your discretion Sergeant." she replied. He was always very capable and she knew that his cockiness was not without some merit, even if at times she did need to reign it in. "We have established communications with key areas so inform medical that you will be transporting them some wounded before just dropping them in." Naomi added.

"Acknowledged Colonel Maverick out." Pete closed the comm channel and sent word to Sick Bay. Within moments that word was acknowledged and the six member team dematerialized. The next step for Maverick was getting the engines online. It seemed that the ODN line from the port nacelle was severed. So the engine was not receiving signal from the computer. "Whelp that is an easy fix... It just may take about forever." Pete spoke to the empty shuttle with a sigh and set to work.

Colonel Naomi Deveraux
Commanding Officer, USS Aries

Sergeant Pete Mitchell
Flight Control NCO, USS Aries


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