Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 6:12pm by Captain Alexis 'Thumper' Solwick & Major Jakobe "Dagger" Halbren & DTI Lieutenant Jardok

Mission: Emergence
Location: USS Sulaco/USS Aries
Timeline: TBD

Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson rose from his chair as the door chime went off in his temporary quarters aboard the Starship Sulaco. The Fleet Commander and newly minted Director of New Vulcan Colony walked to the door and tapped the release, happy to see Lieutenant Jardok opposite him. "Fancy seeing you here, Lieutenant."

The representative of the Department of Temporal Investigations lifted an eyebrow, "You were aware of my presence aboard the ship, Admiral."

"Figure of speech," the Human answered as he motioned to invite the Lieutenant into his small cabin. The Sulaco was a small ship, a Cheyenne Class vessel, that had been assigned to New Vulcan as a support ship. While he had felt that they deserved and needed something with a bit more teeth due to their proximity to the Klingon Border, Command had overruled him and assigned him the barely operational Sulaco. Plus it was crewed by mostly cadets which brought about its own series of challenges.

"We have arrived at the location of the Aries and the Pioneer," the Vulcan explained after entering the small cabin. "We are ready to transport aboard at your leisure."

Now Coulson smirked, "Why didn't you beep my communicator?"

"Communications are down on this deck," Jardok replied.

Greg nodded, "Of course they are. Are the transporters working?"

"Yes Sir."

"Then maybe we should head over before they decide to go down. No offense but you and I merged wouldn't be attractive; or desired," the Admiral said as he fastened his uniform jacket and headed toward the door. He glanced over his shoulder, "You coming?"

"Considering a shuttle instead, Sir," the Vulcan answered dryly.

Greg shook his head, "I like Russian Roulette. Let's get over there."

USS Aries....

Adria was working with the engineers on the USS Aries, to keep the ship a drift. There was a temporal fluctuation affecting the warp corps, which caused the earlier implosion. Adria noticed the Admiral beaming aboard the station. "Admiral on deck." She called out, as everyone snapped to the position of attention. Alexis and Andrea, had also snapped to the position of attention.

Jakobe came to attention when he heard Adria speak. His eyes went to the Admiral as he waited to hear what he had to say. He had accepted this could be their new home though he knew most of his crew held hope.

Alexis was one of the people who held hope of going home. She had friends, family a life back in 2375. A life she was not ready to give up. She looked to the Admiral, and over to Jakobe. She could sense, he was worried.

Jakobe glances at Alexis. He felt guilty that he may have made her worry at his pessimism at going home. His eyes went to the Admirals. Was he supposed to speak first? He ran through his mind whether the Admiral spoke first or he did. It seemed to him that it was done both ways, yet Captain Solwick had not so he chose to wait.

For a moment Greg wanted to look around and see who the Admiral they were talking about was. Then Jardok elbowed him to remind him they meant Greg himself. "Oh yes," he commented absently, "that's me. At ease all."

"Admiral Coulson, allow me to introduce you to Major Jakobe Halbren, the senior marine in charge of the USS Aries." Adria said to Greg.

Jakobe moved forward. “Admiral, it is a pleasure to meet you,” Halbren said. “It is quite a situation we have here, Sir.”

Adria was not sure, if she should interrupt or allow Jakobe to go on. She was still senior officer to him. "The Major can give you a full brief on his ship, but our sensors are detecting instabilities within the warp core's matrix, it appears chroniton particles have intermixed with the warp core." Adria said to the Admiral. She had not released that information to Jakobe just yet. They will still working on treating the wounded. Sammi, the AI told him, after she ran several more tests.

Jakobe listened as she spoke. He wanted to demand to know why he hadn’t already been informed of this but they were both senior officers to him so he stood there, silently irritated. Who knew what else they had kept from them? He worked to keep his composure, Alexis was right, stressing himself out would not help.

"All things considered I think we've gotten off rather lucky then," Coulson said with his trademark grin. "Bring over the Engineering team from the Pioneer to assist. Your Operations Manager should have an affinity with the computers." He paused, "We can save the rest for later."

Jardok grunted at the Admiral's comment.

"Which includes our Vulcan friend."

Adria looked over to the Admiral, and then over at Jakobe. "Will get the Aries, back on her feet. We need to run more tests on the warp corps, Major. I promise our teams will keep you in the loop, and work with your team." Adria pointed out to Jakobe, wanting him to feel like he was part of the process. So far, a bunch of strangers came onto his ship, and basically took over. She knew how he felt, and in his place, she would feel the same way.

Jakobe appreciated what Captain Solwick had to say but he couldn’t help being suspicious. His people would be there watching them to keep him in the loop as well. “Understood, Captain.”

"Once the ship is stable, maybe you join me for breakfast, aboard the Pioneer tomorrow." Adria said. She would have loved to have him over tonight. But she knew his first priorities were to his ship and crew. And he could not leave her, in this current situation, alone.

“Yes Captain,” Jakobe nodded. He was relieved she understood he wasn’t leaving the ship or his crew. He needed to check on everyone and see how they were doing. Especially his engineer.

"Lieutenant Jardok will accompany you, Major," the Admiral informed. "He is going to remain aboard the ship with you as an Adviser for the time being. I will also have an engineering team sent to assist from the Sulaco."

Jakobe raised an eyebrow. What did he need an adviser for? He had Alexis. It wouldn’t matter he thought to himself. They would get the ship running and then they were going home. Soon, this would be behind him. “Understood, Admiral.” He said quietly. His crew was spread thin but they still needed to keep an eye on things. His security chief was right, they needed to know everything that was going on.

Alexis remained quiet, but by his side. She agreed with Jakobe's thought. Why did he need an adviser? This was not really the place to discuss this. She again assumed, it was a temporal prime directive thing.

Adria could sense the concern, but for the moment. She let it go. She would talk to Jakobe, in a more private setting. "It's starting to get late, the engineering teams will neeed time. Sp what do you all say, if we pick this up again in the morning?" Adria asked.

“It sounds like a good plan to me,” Jakobe concurred. “I need to take a walk through my ship and check on my crew. I have to meet with my security chief as well.” He wanted to keep on top of things and not be left in the dark. He also should fill Alexis in on his concerns. She was invaluable as his number one.

"I agree entirely," the Rear Admiral answered. "I'm going to head back over to the Sulaco." Greg glanced at the Vulcan to his side, "Lieutenant, please go with the Major. I'm sure that there's a lot to talk about and work on."

The representative of the Department of Temporal Investigations nodded crisply, "Understood, Admiral. Third wheel reporting for duty," it was strange for a Vulcan to say such things but Jardok was not your typical Vulcan.

“Welcome to the Aries,” Jakobe greeted him. “I will have quarters assigned to you. I can’t guarantee their condition at present but we will give you what we can.”

"This is a defiant class ship, your quarters, are like all quarters, a small closet of a room, with two bunks. At the moment, you will be by yourself, but that could change." Alexis said, not sure, how she felt about getting a temporal agent. She assumed he was the agent. His uniform was different.

Jakobe smiled. “You are right.” He momentarily thought about his roommate. He had not been one of the ones who had survived. Jakobe still held hope they had not all died but it wasn’t a question that could be answered for now. “I am still in my current ones. I feel weird about moving into the skippers quarters and then we go home and he is back.”

"Captain does not have his own quarters. We are on a defiant class ship. All the rooms are the same." Alexis pointed out to him. "Your quarters, are now the CO's quarters. Will have the engineers remove the bottom bunk, and give you more storage ad a small desk. Maybe a replicator if we can squeeze it in there." Alexis said, knowing darn well that the Defiant was not designed for any comforts in mind, like a personal replicator.

Jakobe rolled his eyes. He needed to work harder at keeping himself in check. “I knew that.” He said with a sigh. There was so much going on.

Alexis, decided to communicate telepathically to him. "Your under a lot of stress, its okay Jakobe." She told him, through a telepathic communication.

Jardok had remained quiet for the discussion between the two, choosing not to interrupt so that he could better observe the two and their dynamics. They had been through a very trying ordeal and he didn't want to provoke a reaction that may not be fitting for the situation.

"I am acceptable of any accommodation," the Vulcan answered in measured tones. "I have no problems with sharing a room, actually it reminds me of my first tour in Starfleet when I was assigned to the T'Plana-Hath before the Battle of the Binaries. But let's focus more on helping your ship for now over my creature comforts."

“Captain Solwick,” Jakobe looked at Alexis.”Can you see that he has proper accommodations please.”

"Of course Sir. If you will follow me Lieutenant." Alexis said, as she started to walk out of the room with Jardok.

Major Halbren watched them go. He needed to speak to his security chief while Jardok was busy with Alexis.

The Vulcan nodded, "Of course, but I am also available to assist with your needs aboard this vessel. I have been trained with many advanced theoretical concepts involving Warp Drives. I may be able to lend you a hand?"

“I am glad to hear that,” Jakobe nodded. “We will certainly put you to work.”

"Maybe you can tell us, if we will be able to return to our timeline?" Alexis said, making a reference, she would like to go home. So would the other 15 crew, stuck in this time frame.

Jardok considered carefully, having expected the question to pop up from the moment that he'd found out about their situation. "Let's first make sure that we have a ship capable of going back and then we will discuss the future. Sound good?"

Jakobe stared at him. “If you know the answer I would rather know now. We will still be repairing our ship but with a reality of our future.”

"I think it would be safe to assume, nothing is set in stone. Anything is possible." Alexis pointed out to the two of them.

“You are right Number One,” Jakobe said. “Let’s move forward Ao we will be ready when the time comes.”

"Number one?" Alexis said, with a big surprised look on her face. "You want me to be your number one?" She asked, almost in disbelief?

“Yes,” Jakobe nodded. “I meant to talk about it with you later but it just slipped out now.”

"How about over dinner, and maybe invite our new temporal adviser as well." Alexis asked as she looked at both men.

“Yes,” Jakobe nodded. “Dinner at seven.”

The Vulcan nodded, "I have no other obligations tonight and would be happy to join you."

“I will see you two then,” Halbren nodded.

The three of them started to part ways. As the scene starts to fade away.